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Quarry and Mining Dust suppression

The handling of loose materials as well as the production of materials, which must be reduced to different sizes according to the planned uses, releases a huge amount of dust due to the processing type carried out. The use of atomizing systems diminishes and/or eliminates the problem of the dust emissions released. High pressure systems, composed of the combination of pumps producing pressure higher than 40 bar and of nozzles with a very small diameter, boast the advantage of achieving great results, but on the other side, they have the drawback that they cannot cover long distances and that they need more maintenance to avoid the blockage of the atomizing nozzles.

Thanks to the technology used, whose strengthis the combination of low water pressure (the systems start to work efficiently at a pressure of just 10 bar) with a channelized air flow, WLP systems produce a high concentration of small atomized drops which can incorporate and suppress PM10 or smaller dust particles, even at a considerable distance from the emission point. This leads to an increase of total efficiency of the system and to a significantly low energy and water consumption per each unit of treated surface.
WLP dust suppression systems can be used in quarries, in mines, on crushing equipment, in the close proximity of material falling points into conveyor belts, during the loading of trucks and the unloading of hoppers, and also for the suppression of dust released in cement factories, in the storage plants of minerals, stones, coal and ininert recycling and treatment plants.
The mist-spraying equipment is placed close to the points where material falls free or in the unloading points, ensuring not only the suppression of dust where it is released, but also in the service areas where dust falls because of airstream.

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