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Snowfalls and the lowering of temperatures cause significant inconvenient in terms of the management of  snow removal in car parks, making on one side management costs increase and on the other side reducing the earnings because of the diminishing of free parking lots. In areas for industrial uses the coming of snowfalls leads to an increase of management costs and to a decrease of production times. In addition to that, dangerous areas for the handling of goods are created due to slippery surfaces.
WLP developed an advanced ADS system (Automatic Deicing System) which allows to drastically limit the use of snow ploughs thanks to weather sensors and special non polluting additives.
How it works: weather sensors detect the lowering of temperature or the beginning of a snowfall. The onboard computer makes the atomized misting system start and determines the quantity of substance to be added in the atomization circuit according to the temperature. The rotation system of the atomizing machine together with the long throw distance generated by the efficient fan installed atomize the deicing mixture at a long distance.
  • Decrease of snow removal time
  • Reduction of the quantity of deicing product
  • Low environmental impact
  • Completely automatic system
  • No loss of free parking lots
Where it can be used:
  • Municipal car parks
  • Car parks in shopping malls
  • Car parks in airports
  • Oil plants
  • Stadiums and open-air sport facilities

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