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Dust Suppression at Demolition sites

In the last 30 years some factors such as the need to protect the green spaces, the new construction technics and the improvement of the quality and of the technology in the demolition works (Demolition and Construction) have led to the dismantling of an increasing number of old civil and industrial buildings.

The problem of dust emission of different sizes is one of the most relevant topics to deal with when planning demolitions works, especially if near the building to be demolished there are other buildings or public facilities or if anyway, the release of dust can cause damages to the respiratory system of every person standing near the construction site.

WLP offers its dust suppression systems as solution to such problems during demolitions. Thanks to the use of the atomized misting equipment the fine dust released during demolition works falls down and creates a moist layer which prevents the dust to be released again in the air during the transit of trucks and heavy vehicles. In addition to that, the formation of mud and runoff phenomena on the ground is avoided and therefore, the necessity of wheel washers, whose use is otherwise mandatory to avoid dust from covering the access roads to the site, decreases.

Thanks to the use of WLP dust suppression systems it is possible to make the working area cleaner and to improve the visibility in the site enabling the staff to carry out every activity more safely. In addition to that, the construction machinery can also benefit from the positive effect of such systems because it is less subjected to the wear caused by the deposit of dust.

Apart from limiting several inconveniences to the surrounding environment that are brought by the emission of fine dust during demolition works and consequently, avoiding potential disputes with public authorities, another significant advantage is the reduction of the water consumption which is considerable lower compared to the amount of water generally needed using traditional systems for the dust suppression such as fire hoses and water lances. What is more, the WLP atomized misting equipment contributes to decrease the cost for staff, who is employed to water the area to be demolished with traditional systems.

Last but not least, the WLP systems boast a noteworthy flexibility which considerably facilitates the job of the workers, because they can be moved on trailers and when necessary they can be equipped with electric rotation from 0° to 270°-340° and with electric raising from – 20° to +45° in order to cover a wider area or higher buildings and in addition to that, it is also possible to control the machine with a radio control giving the worker on the excavator the freedom of managing the several steps of the demolition more efficiently.

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