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Control / Limitation of dust emission

The use of dust suppression systems has considerably contributed to reduce the concentration of pollutants in the atmosphere in the last years.

Using just water has guaranteed a system without the addition of chemicals and therefore, a high environmental compatibility.

Could we have done something more? Thanks to the collaboration with important companies specialized in the production of liquids with zero environmental impact, WLP has developed a new technology (NDC No Dust Coating) which increases the performances of the dust suppression equipment.

After the water evaporation, the liquid, which can be diluted in water and then atomized through the gun shaped machine, creates a film avoiding dust to be released again by the mechanical action of vehicles passing through or by the natural action of the wind.

The liquid is completely biodegradable and does not affect the mechanical properties of stones or the thermal properties of coals ensuring at the same time a protection layer on stock piles and on roads.

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