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Why is this system more efficient than traditional systems?

Why is this systemmore efficient than traditional systems?Sistema WLP

  • WLP systems use less water than traditional water sprinklers;
  • the problem of mud can be completely eliminated in the sites and consequently, also from earth moving equipment;
  • there is no need for people wetting roads and squares. In this way personnel costs can be reduced and a significant return on investment can be reached;
  • the use of a system that protects the environment always makes a good impression on public authorities and environmental organizations;
  • WLP systems make the workplace healthier and in summer cooler;
  • machinery isless subjected to wear on building sites.
You can install a single machine and connect it to your hydraulic network (min. pressure 2,5-3 bar) or, if you prefer, you can install a complete system for the suppression of dust.
Besides the guns, a complete system includes:
  • pumping station;
  • water distribution system;
  • electrical power distribution system;
  • data transmission system;
  • programming, control and monitoring unit.

Installing a complete system, you have the opportunity to control your dust suppression system autonomously. Furthermore, this system helps you to check your construction site as well as the machines which work in it.

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