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Misting and Cooling

Over the years the majority of European countries have been characterized by a tropical climate, which makes temperature reach record highsand which consequently, have revolutionized our habits and our way of living. If in summer until few years ago people wanted to spend as much time as possible outside and to go out for shopping, bar and restaurant terraces were always crowded at every hour during the day, now this is just a beautiful memory of the past. WLP designs and manufactures atomized misting equipment for outside areas, which represent the cheapest and more ecological solution to reduce temperature, to perform schenographic effect and to humidify of the inside and outside places.
Climate changes have been leading to heating phenomena which cause a significant increase of temperatures.
In the agricultural and industrial sectors this involves a reduction of the production in all cases where temperature is a key factor during the process.
For instance, in agriculture, when temperatures exceed the lower or the upper edge of the comfort zone, dairy cows are forced to use a series of physiological expedients to contrast hypothermia (the reduction of the body temperature) or the hyperthermia (the increase of the body temperature). As a consequence to the nature of its own metabolism, dairy cows produce a huge amount of heat and therefore, it is undeniable that the exposure to very high temperatures represents the most critical climate condition for the production performances and for the wellbeing of cows.
Thanks to the technology used, whose strength is the combination of low water pressure (the systems start to work efficiently at a pressure of just 10 bar) with a channelized air flow, WLP systems produce a high concentration of small atomized drops which can reduce temperature in the treatment areas through evaporation and therefore, through the physical principle of the latent heat of evaporation.
Taking advantage of such physical principle also allows to lower and to control the temperature of concrete cast in order to avoid cracking phenomena, which are typical of concrete during the maturation phases at high temperatures.

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