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Dust and odour suppression in Landfills

From the technical point of view, in the cycle of waste management, a landfill of waste is a place where municipal solid waste and all other types of waste generated from human activities (construction debris, industrial scraps, etc…) are deposited and stored in an unselected and permanent way, because after their collection it was not possible or it was not the intentionto recycle or send them to the mechanical-biological treatment process (MBT).

The European directive n. 99/31/CE identifies three types of landfill:
  • landfill for inertmaterials;
  • landfill for non-hazardous waste (among which the MSW, municipal solid waste);
  • landfill for hazardous waste (among which ash and scrap from incinerators).
For their own nature, therefore, every kind of landfill involves the problem of the dust and odour production.

Landfills, where inert materials are stored and treated, have to deal with the same problems connected to dust emission that usually occur in the production site of raw materials generated from mining and crushing.

Thanks to the many years of experience WLP can satisfy every requirement related to dust suppressionboth with mobile atomized misting equipment and with fix atomizing systems. The whole range of machines to eliminate dust enables to reduce dust emissions in landfills.

Even if municipal solid waste, MSW, is not included in the category of hazardous waste, their storage, handling and processing (where waste is crushed) release a considerable amount of dust of different size, which can also be brought by the wind far away from the emission point.

The WLP atomized misting equipment guarantees significant dust suppression level also in this case and, in addition to that, thanks to the flexibility of the systems, the machines can be installed in every place of the landfill.Even in landfills where not only dust, but also odours may arise and cause problems, and where the separate collection is not yet performed, WLP suppression guns ensure an outstanding treatment of the odour sources.

Within the category of hazardous waste, ash and scraps from incinerators are included with full rights. These materials originate a huge quantity of dust and also in such a situation, WLP dust suppression systems achieve their best performances guaranteeing an extraordinary removal capacity thanks to the sophisticated design of fans and nozzles, which, together with the control systems on board,limit or eliminate the activity of the operator ensuring a cleaner environment.

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