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Suppression of odours & Control of odours

One of the negative consequences of the production and processing of organic materials is the emission of odours, which influences very negatively both operators working on site and the people living near the production areas.

Municipal solid waste landfills, compost storage and processing sites, tanneries, plants for the synthesis of animal tissue waste generate a huge quantity of miasmas and consequently, the management of the processing becomes really very difficult. Compounds based on sulphur and nitrogen such as amine, ammonia, mercaptans, hydrogen sulphide, which are created during the decomposition process of organic substances, are the main cause of the nasty odours that we smell.

WLP, together with important specialized companies, has developed some liquid products with biological formulas that are able to eliminate odours.

The WLP spray guns can identify the odour emission areas thanks to the combination of special pumps with an elaborated operating software and thanks to the mixture of water and product the guns can break the molecule that generates the bad smells.

The plants designed in this way can cover small areas, but they can also be designed to cover thousands of square meters guarantying the odour suppression.

Odour emission, however, is not only generated by the production of organic materials, but it is also connected with materials produced by chemical synthesis to obtain compounds. Many of such reactions in the industrial sector release bad odours, which are detected very clearly especially in urban centers with high population density. Thanks to the collaboration between WLP and the manufacturers of such compounds it is possible to find a solution to the problem of the nasty odour emissions, not only to reduce or to root out the problem, but also to optimize certain processes in order to improve the production efficiency.

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