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WLP Systems, in collaboration with Demaclenko, has designed a cannon for extinguishing fires. The machine has been designed to cope with any type of situation, from the least serious to the most demanding. The power ensures that fires are extinguished in a very short time.

WLP Systems has designed a specific system for the fire extinguishing, which is easy to maintain and long-lasting. The model name is inspired by the God of the sea, Poseidon. Equipped with a water misting system, Poseidon is certainly the best product for extinguishing fires. The nozzles nebulize the water which, thanks to the powerful turbine the machine is equipped with, is projected over a long distance.

An important element is that this specific system can also be used as a cooling method for interrupting one of the elements of the fire triangle. The cannon is designed in an all-inone, compact structure, there are no
additional external components that compromise its solidity. Most of the main components are made of high quality steel thus increasing their strength and longevity. All functions can be controlled in complete safety with a user-friendly remote control that transmits the signal up to the operator’s visual range. The cannon can be integrated and scaled with automatic fire-fighting systems.



  • Implementable fire detection system
  • Intelligent protection and security system to protect the turbine from overheating
  • Customizable depending on the fields of application, the necessities and the requirements
  • Electric tilt and pitch system with robotic technology
  • Integrated LED headlights into the nozzle ring for high visibility lighting
  • Automatic swing of 360°
Techcnical Data   Poseidon
Fan power kW 22
Protecion rating IP 55
Power supply Volts/HZ su richiesta
Pitching ° -40°+40°
Max throw distance m 70
Noise level Lwa <93
Dry weight Kg 728



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