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ECO-BAY 4000

Is a self-contained, environmentally friendly, cleaning system for construction plant and equipment.


It’s composed of a wash bay with diamond tread ramps and 2200mm high walls. The wash bay floor pan directs the dirty water and sludge from the equipment being cleaned to a Solids Collection tank at the rear of the wash bay. Inside the rear tank a float switch activates a diaphragm pump that delivers the dirty water into the Filtration Tank to commence the filter process. After the water, has been through the filter process a booster pump delivers the water again to your pressure washer.
Through the filtering system it allows you to use the same water repeatedly. The filters inside the separator tank can be easy replaced guaranteeing an adequate filtering barrier.


  • The system allows you to recycle water and therefore the contaminated water does not get into the drainage system.
  • Less water consumption means money is saved and savings are alsob gained in handling and washing time.
  • Easily transportable, easy to assemble and disassemble
  • Innovative design and modular construction system make our wash bays suitable for several indoor and outdoor uses.
  • Environmentally friendly


  • Useful dimension mm.: 3000x6000
  • Total dimension mm.: 3590x7250
  • Filtration tank dimension mm.: (X-10) 2764x918
  • Maximum load capacity kg: 5000
  • Walls standard height mm.: 2200
  • Total dry weight of the bay kg: 2240
  • Diaphragm pump: 0,054kW - 17lt/min
  • Booster pump: 0,37 kW - 5 to 40 lt/min.
  • Filtering system: X-10
  • Filtering system option: X-15, X-30, X-60

The data are indicative and not binding. WLP reserves the right to modify them at any time and without prior notice.



  • Rental Companies
  • Mechanical workshops
  • Contractors
  • Industrial applications

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